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Yes, we publish books and give them away – free. No, there’s no catch. Why?

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      Our Previous Books

      The Rockaways. A devastating photographic essay from Gilles Peress, published on the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

      Round Mountain
      by Castle Freeman Jr.
      Available as an ebook
      from the Concord ePress

      A Handbook of
      American Prayer

      by Lucius Shepard


      Rut by Scott Phillips
      Now available as an ebook
      from the Concord ePress.

      IOU: New Writing on Money 
      edited by Ron Slate

      The Next Queen of Heaven
      by Gregory Maguire
      New edition out
      from HarperCollins »

      Push Comes to Shove
      by Wesley Brown
      Now available as an ebook

      from the Concord ePress

      Give and Take
      by Stona Fitch
      Now out from
      Thomas Dunne Books

      About the House: Hilarious and touching musings from Jenny and Ron Slate, a father-daughter duo.

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      The Concord Free Press is a labor of love. No one gets paid. But we do have significant expenses—printing, postage, and rent. Please make a donation today.

      On the Concord Free Press

      What is the Concord Free Press?

      We publish books and give them away for free—online and via a network of independent bookstores. In exchange, we ask readers to make a voluntary donation to a local charity or someone in need in their community. And we ask them to pass the book on, so that every time the book changes hands, it generates more contributions.

      Why are you doing this?
      It’s an experiment in publishing and community. We’re interested in expanding the definition of publishing and re-invigorating the book. Books aren’t dead yet.

      Where do people give money?
      It’s up to them. A non-profit organization, a shelter or food pantry, your local Community Chest, a neighbor in need, someone on the street—every community has a lot of groups and individuals that could use help. If you’re having trouble coming up with a place to give, here’s a great one right here—Gaining Ground.

      We want to connect reading and local giving in a new way. With this approach, the money stays where the book changes hands—wherever that might be. And the book keeps on giving, reader after reader.

      What if people don’t give any money away?
      It’s up to them. But we’re convinced that most people who take a book will give some money away—readers tend to be empathetic and generous. And we ask that they tell us about it via our GivingTracker to inspire others and help show the impact of each book.

      How can someone get a Concord Free Press book?
      This web site lists the independent bookstores from California to New York—that have generously agreed to participate in this project. Readers can get a copy via this ever-expanding network of stores. You can also request a copy via our website and we’ll mail it to you for free in the US.