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Kodak is using its innovative digital book printing solutions to create Round Mountain, a beautiful, cutting-edge book that illustrates the enduring and evolving power of print.

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Hurricane Irene Relief
The debris is cleared. But the damage remains. Here are just some of the organizations working to help the individuals, communities, and businesses affected by Hurricane Irene: 

Vermont Disaster
Relief Fund

Vermont Irene Flood
Relief Fund

Vermont Community Foundation

Higher Ground of Northern Berkshires

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      Be Part of the Round Mountain Project

      The twelve short stories in Round Mountain, the new collection from acclaimed writer Castle Freeman, Jr., are set in small, rural Vermont towns like those most severely affected by Hurricane Irene in late 2011. To aid the ongoing relief efforts in these communities, Freeman, the Concord Free Press, and Kodak are collaborating on the Round Mountain Project—publishing a special, free paperback edition of this book to encourage donations to relief organizations.

      We're sending 3,000 copies of Round Mountain to readers around the world via our network of independent bookstores and online requests. All to inspire generosity—and to prove the power of print.

      About Round Mountain
      "With a palpable sense of place and a gift for terse, comical dialogue, Freeman locates within the backwoods of Vermont all the richness and riotous variety of human behavior."
                  – Booklist, starred review

      In the backwoods towns of Round Mountain, time circles like a winding road. Friends disappear and show up again, older if not wiser. Small incidents—a night of drinking, a robbery, a strange visitor from Canada—loom larger as the decades pass. And over time, the true colors of every man, woman, and child become known to all. Nothing escapes the clear eye of Castle Freeman, Jr., a meticulous master storyteller who knows his territory. Lean and razor-sharp, these dozen stories pack more in Round Mountain than a novel ten times as long. Featuring an introduction by writer Pinckney Benedict.

      About Castle Freeman, Jr.
      Castle Freeman, Jr.
      is the author of four novels (including the acclaimed Go With Me), a collection of essays, a major history of 250 years in a Vermont township, two story collections, and several score uncollected stories, essays, and other work set in rural northern New England. His writings have been published in periodicals including many literary magazines, The Old Farmer's Almanac, Yankee Magazine, Vermont Life Magazine, and The Atlantic Monthly. He lives in Newfane, Vermont with his wife, Alice.